Student Council Sponsor Hails Mike Smith Event a Positive Success

On Monday November 23, 2015 Unicoi County High School welcomed very special guest speaker. Mike Smith spoke with students about the importance of being nice, as well as about how far he’s come throughout his life.

Student Council sponsor Lynn Honeycutt indicated she felt Smith influenced the school positively, making a good impact on students’ lives. Asked how she thought Smith’s visit impacted the school, Honeycutt was pleased.

“I think he just really brought the love out of people and made so many kids want to be good, better than they have ever been,” Honeycutt said. “From everything kids are posting on social media, I know he had a really positive influence on so many individuals. I hope that his story will inspire our school to be more like a family [and] more a place where we build each other up rather than tear each other down.”

Honeycutt also stated she felt Smith’s presentation would impact the way students treat each other, both in school and away from the classroom.

“We will have to start small, but supporting one another in all that we do is a great place to start,” she said, concluding that Smith’s presentation also had a positive effect on the school’s faculty and staff.

“We were very privileged to have Mike come speak to our students and hopefully we all got something out of his speech,” Honeycutt said.


Mike Smith takes a selfie with students at UCHS on Monday.

Mike Smith takes a selfie with students at UCHS on Monday.



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