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Letter: Pre-K Accepting New Applications

Greetings, parents!

Our pre-K program is currently accepting new applications, and we would love to enroll your child so we can be a part of their future success.

The Voluntary Pre-K initiative provides Tennessee’s children an opportunity to develop school readiness skills, including pre-academic and social skills. Voluntary Pre-K classes promote a high-quality academic environment, which fosters the love and joy of learning and promotes success in kindergarten and throughout your child’s life.

We know you may have some safety concerns, but we have put precautions in place to keep students and staff as safe as possible. We will monitor students and staff for both high and low risk symptom. Anyone who appears to be symptomatic will be separated from other students and staff, and it will be strongly recommended that they are tested. We have also changed the classroom setting to allow students to social distance as much as possible. Teachers will also speak to students regularly about the importance of washing their hands often and avoiding close contact with their peers. Classrooms and other areas in the school will also be routinely disinfected. We will also partner with the health department to make changes as necessary to make sure students and staff remain safe.

We would also be happy to give you a tour and answer some of your questions in person.

You can reach us by email at or by phone 423-735-1210.

Thank you for considering our program to help set your child on a path to success!


Sharon Slagle

Unicoi County Schools Preschool Coordinator


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