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District Announces Teacher Leaders for 21-22 School Year

We believe that the Teacher Leader program fosters collaborative cultures of learning for educators, magnifies teacher voice, and supports the implementation of high-quality learning experiences for students. Teacher Leaders serve as a valuable extension of our school and district leadership structures.

We would like to announce the 2021-22 Teacher Leaders and thank them for their

willingness to serve:

  • April Hawkins, PreK

  • Lyndsey Brackins, Kindergarten ELA & MATH

  • Kelly Pate, First Grade ELA & MATH

  • Jordan Vance, Second Grade ELA & MATH

  • Julie Keplinger, Third Grade ELA

  • Leslie Franks, Third Grade MATH

  • Sara Sparks, Fourth Grade ELA

  • Ashley Berry, Fourth Grade MATH

  • Besty Barton, Fifth Grade ELA

  • Eleana Pate, Fifth Grade MATH

  • Lisa Miller, Middle School ELA

  • Cane Cannon, Middle School MATH

  • Stephanie Howard, Middle School Social Studies

  • Katherine Bagby, Middle School Science

  • Kelly Boling, ACT--Math Focus

  • Stacia Silvers, ACT--Science Focus

  • Elizabeth Watson, ACT--ELA Focus

  • Joshua Crawford, ACT--Reading Focus (Social Studies)

Special thanks to the following teachers who are rolling off of the Teacher Leader program. Their contributions have been instrumental and we are grateful for their service:

  • Regina Cornett, Kindergarten ELA

  • Patience Erwin, First Grade ELA

  • Amy Engle, Third Grade ELA

  • Kelly Tackett, Fifth Grade ELA

  • Kerri King, Middle School ELA

  • Paula Edwards, ACT--Science Focus

  • Lori Ann Wright, ACT--Reading Focus (Social Studies)


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