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UCHS Announces Senior ACT Retake

As we all get ready for the new school year, UCHS is excited to share the news that the Tennessee Department of Education will again offer the ACT Senior Retake Opportunity to our Seniors. All Seniors at UCHS will have the opportunity to retake the ACT at no cost. If your student is a senior and has yet to take the ACT, he or she may also take the exam for free. UCHS will be participating in the ACT Senior Retake on October 16, 2018.

The ACT is a powerful national measure of readiness in terms of the cumulative academic knowledge and critical thinking skills valued by both employers and postsecondary institutions. In addition, the state of Tennessee requires all high school graduates to have taken the ACT at least one time as part of their graduation requirements from high school.

National Data indicates that retaking the ACT typically leads to a composite score improvement of 1-2 points. In Tennessee, our state data indicates that students who retake the ACT typically raise their scores 1-3 points. By increasing their scores, students can open more doors for postsecondary education.

Last year, 52,000 students participated in the ACT Senior Retake Opportunity, and 40 percent of those students improved their composite score. As a result of retaking the Act, of 2,000 additional Tennessee students gained access to over $21 million in HOPE scholarship funds.

Seniors at UCHS will be automatically registered for the October 16 ACT retake. The test will take place at the school during regular school hours. All Seniors are expected to participate. If you have questions or need more information, please contact Dr. Catherine Edwards, assistant principal, at UCHS.


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