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Knoxville Symphony Woodwind Quintet Visits Unicoi County Students

The Knoxville Symphony Woodwind Quintet visited Unicoi County 3rd-5th grade students Monday, May 9th. The Quintet visits many schools throughout the year and see thousands of students of all ages. They really felt that our kids (3rd-5th grades in the 1st session and MS and HS Band in the 2nd session) were really engaged, asked thoughtful questions, and were extremely friendly and welcoming. They appreciated they way they could easily connect with the students and how that made the interactive aspect of their program flow better. Everyone in the quintet commented on the friendliness and politeness of the students. Many students came over to the quintet to speak with them, or shake hands as the students filed out of the gym. The quintet sincerely hoped we would have them back sometime in the future.

This was a wonderful performance by the Quintet, and it provided valuable exposure to our students to symphony mucic. A wonderful time was shared by all!

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