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LAST UPDATED: 07/01/2023

Unicoi County Schools will disclose certain information, known as directory information, to colleges and military recruiters.  Parents or eligible students may refuse to let the schools release any or all of this information. If you do not want this information released, you must submit written notice to the Unicoi County Director of Schools each year before August 20th.  The following student information is considered directory information: (1) name, (2) address, (3) phone number, (4) date and place of birth, (5) major field of study, (6) participation in officially recognized activities and sports, (7) weight and height of members of athletic teams, (8) dates of attendance, (9) degrees and awards received, (10) the most recent previous educational agency or institution attended by the students, and (11) other similar information that would not generally be considered harmful or an invasion of privacy if disclosed, such as a photograph.  UCHS will follow the guidelines of the Family Education Rights and Privacy ACT (FERPA).


Any parent/guardian signing the approval of the media release form grants permission for the student’s image to appear in the yearbook, newspaper, brochures, and newsletters, as well as video and digital images on the school district’s social media sites.


Specified data is provided to the following vendors.  Please note that some vendors only receive data for students associated with individual programs and/or grade levels.


  • Textbook manufacturers - all data based on the One Roster format

  • Microsoft - student’s first & last names, grade level, Skyward ID, course codes and date of birth

  • Google – student’s first & last names, grade level, Skyward ID, course codes and date of birth

  • Zoom – Virtual Meetings Information enter by student when joining meeting.

  • Renaissance Learning for Star – student’s full name, gender, race, grade level, language, date of birth, teacher, Skyward ID, State ID, and subjects/courses

  • State of Tennessee via EIS - all student data

  • PCG for Special Education Data - all student data

  • Read 360 for Special Education – student’s first & last names, grade level, Skyward ID, and date of birth

  • Mosaic for Food Service – student’s full name, grade level, Skyward ID, date of birth, gender, address, student PIN, email address, homeroom teacher, guardians’ names & phone numbers

  • Photo Vendors – student’s first & last names, Skyward ID, grade level, homeroom teacher, and guardian email addresses

  • Yearbook Vendors – student’s first & last names, grade level, homeroom teacher, Skyward ID, address, and guardians’ email addresses

  • Photo Vendors for Rising Seniors – student’s full name, Skyward ID, grade level, address, and home phone number

  • United States Military – student’s full name, grade level, address, and phone number

  • XAP - National Student Clearinghouse - TN Transcript center – student’s full name, grade level, transcript information, graduation data, date of birth, student PIN, GPA, credits, and State ID

  • National Student Clearinghouse also receives the State IDs and transcript information for Lottery Scholarship funding. 

  • Edgenuity – student’s full name, gender, date of birth, ethnicity, address, phone number, and email address.

  • IXL – student’s first & last names, grade level, subjects/courses, current school, homeroom teacher, and school email address

  • Math Facts for Special Education- student’s full name, date of birth, grade level, gender, and race

  • Governor’s Early Literacy Foundation (GELF), ReadyRosie, & Lipscomb – directory information only to GELF & ReadyRosie, State IDs and demographics to Lipscomb

  • AIMSweb for Special Education – all data based on the One Roster format

  • Linewize – student’s first & last names, current school, graduation year, Skyward student key, and date of birth

  • School Messenger – student’s first & last names, phone number, language, email address, grade level, Skyward ID, guardians’ first & last names & their relationships to the student, guardians’ phone numbers & email addresses, home language, teachers’ names, and AM/PM bus numbers

  • Morning Mile for UCMS – student’s full name, grade level, and homeroom teacher

  • Easy CBM for Special Education – student’s first & last names, date of birth, grade level, current school, gender, race/ethnicity, special education status, and ELL status

  • Major Clarity for UCMS & UCHS (will begin in 2020-21) – student’s first & last names, grade level, current school, school address,  school email address, Skyward ID, subjects/courses, teachers, earned credits, final grades, and guardians’ first & last names & email addresses

  • Clever and sites that utilize Clever to authenticate

  • Linewize - Web and device filtering

  • - Email filtering

  • Amplify

  • Defined Learning

  • GoGuardian

  • i-Ready

  • Scholastic

  • Studies Weekly

  • Brain Pop

  • Explore Learning

  • iCev

  • Mastery Connect

  • USA Testprep

  • Vista Higher Learning

  • Glencoe

  • Good Heart - Wilcox

  • Gibbs Smith

  • Bloomz

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